Implantable Collamer Lens

The Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) procedure is designed to correct any type of Numbers of glasses (Refractive error).

ICL Quick Review

What is an ICL?

ICL surgery is a vision correction procedure to treat   minus numbers (i.e. Myopia upto -18),  plus numbers  (i.e. hyperopia upto +10), and  cylindrical numbers (i.e. astigmatism upto +/- 6).
ICL is an artificial lens placed inside the eye.
No daily cleaning is required.
It is Quick.
Minimal discomfort.
No Injection.
Patient does not feel pain due to numbing drops.
The procedure usually takes around 7 to 10 minutes per eye.
HD vision as compared to Lasik or PRK.
No complications such as dry eyes or star-busting in night vision.
*The Collamer lens itself is an FDA-approved product made up of a biocompatible collagen copolymer, hence the name.

What is ICL Surgery?

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Very quick and easy.
Antibiotic drops to be started 2 days prior.
The ICL procedure is painlessly performed under numbing drops.
The lens will be inserted through small incision.
The ICL then unfolds in the eye.
VERION gives an image guided axis display in microscope of the surgeon for perfect axis orientation.
VERION is most important for perfection.
Postoperative medications and Safety measures as advised.
Can start routine work next day onwards.

Drawbacks of LASIK & PRK

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LASIK is non-reversible surgery
PRK can give scarring.
ICLs are meant to stay inside forever, if the need arises, they can be removed.

Who is a Good Candidate and who isn't?

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The specific criteria for candidacy will be measured at the pre-operative eye exam, but overall,the following people should consider an ICL:
  • Age between 21 and 45 with a stable prescription
  • Higher numbers
  • Thin corneas
  • With corneal curvatures not permitting LASIK
  • Any patient with plus numbers/hyperopia as there is regression in numbers (getting numbers back) after LASIK / PRK.

Why SRG Eye

Dr. Sharmeel Gandhi is an ICL Specialist and has extensive expertise in refractive cataract surgery. He has experience in this field for the last many years. Dr. Sharmeel Gandhi takes meticulous measurements and calculations at your consultation, and guides each patient to a well-informed individualized surgical plan, taking into account your specific ocular circumstances and visual goals.
At SRG Eye, we have the latest equipments to get more accuracy.
We have State of the art VERION systems that give very accurate axis positions for very perfect ICL implantations.
We take care of the Corneal Endothelial Cell Count By Specular Microscopy.
And have a sequence of measurements (IOL Master 700/Lenstar/Digital Calipers/Pentacam) which double check the parameters before ordering the ICL.
And the most important is the surgery skill with almost a 100 percent success rate.

Brief History

Most people consider eyesight the most important of their five senses. In SRG Eye Hospital, we have the training and experience to provide the most advanced, effective eye care and eye surgery to protect your eye health and treat eye diseases.

With the latest high-tech imaging modalities and equipment, and the expertise of Dr. Sharmeel Gandhi, SRG Eye provides the most modern and individualized experience. Every step of the process is streamlined for your convenience, making sure no questions are left unanswered or concern unaddressed.

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